What is the Purpose of a Dashboard?

The whole point of the web-based dashboard is that it lets you visualize the Key Performance Indicators and other strategic data for your organization at a glance. It is the dashboard tool that presents management with the information for the practical end of the organization. Key Performance Indicators are quantifiable measurements, agreed to beforehand, that reflect the critical success factors of an organization. The web dashboard allows the user to view KPIs and other critical data without delving into the semantics of the source system that manages the detailed data.

Housing Affordability Calculator

How it Works: Use this dashboard to quickly understand a metro area’s housing affordability, and compare and contrast affordability among different parts of the U.S. To calculate housing affordability in the 100 most populated U.S. metro areas, use the drop-down menus on the “Active Listings by Metro” tab to enter household income, down payment percentage, mortgage interest rate, mortgage length and property type. To visualize how affordability varies by location, down to the zip-code level, use the “Active Listings Affordability Map” tab to select a metro area. The dashboard operates on the guideline that homeowners should spend no more than 30 percent of their monthly gross income on housing.

Home Prices, Sales & Inventory

How it Works: Select the tab for the type of data that you’re looking for. Under each tab, you can filter results by metropolitan area, property type, month-over-month change, year-over-year change, and the time period. Each visualization will change with your selections. After making your selections, click on the visualization and then hit the download button on the bottom right corner to get the data shown. Alternatively, you can select the “Download” tab and download all of the data that we have available.